Mercedes-Benz Korea and Coconut Silo collaborate in creating truck mobility

 “The most personal is the most creative,” said the director Martin Scorsese said in the past. He left a big footprint in the history of world cinema. His words were quoted recently by director Bong Joon-ho, who swept four categories at the world-acclaimed Academy Awards in 2020. This … [Read more...]

Failure successfully embraced at World Rechallenge Forum with rich case studies

From left) Kwon Seon-pil (Head of the private planning group for the Fail Expo), Mona Ismail (President of AaltoES), Jeon Hae-cheol (Minister of the Interior and Safety), Kwon Chil-seung (Minister of SMEs and Startups), and Lee Jeong-hee (Chairman of Korea Women Startup Forum) | Photo by AVING … [Read more...]

MOPIC introduces Light Field 3D Display that provides visual immersion in Try Everything 2021!

Light Field 3D Display│Photo courtesy of MOPIC MOPIC (CEO Shin Chang-bong) participated in Try Everything 2021 held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul and Haneul Theater of the National Theater of Korea from Sep. 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri). Founded in 2015, MOPIC is a spin-off from Samsung Electronics … [Read more...]

SBA-Hanyang University successfully completed 2021 Global Investor Meet-up Day, opened as a collaborative program of Try Everything 2021!

Image courtesy of Hanyang University Startup Support Group SBA (Seoul Business Agency) and Hanyang University Startup Support Group (Director Jeon Sang-kyung) announced on Oct. 6 that they had successfully completed the 2021 Global Investor Meet-up Day. As a part of the Try Everything 2021 … [Read more...]

Global fitness convention IDEA® KOREA 2021 to be held at KINTEX Ilsan on Nov. 26

IDEA® KOREA 2021, the super-scale global fitness with 39 years of history, will be held at KINTEX 2 located in Ilsan on Nov. 26-28. The IDEA® Health & Fitness Association is headquartered in San Diego, USA, and is the world's most recognized fitness training and convention organization. It … [Read more...]

[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Leading customized cosmetic company Unizaar expresses ambition to lead the 2nd K-beauty boom

5-type Powder│Photo courtesy of Unizaar Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, more people are having skin problems by wearing masks. On the other hand, as expectations for “no mask policy” in preparation for “with COVID” are rising, people are starting to pay attention to their … [Read more...]

[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Life & Earth launches eco-friendly brand ecoAND to make the Earth healthy by good consumption

Bamboo toothbrush│Photo courtesy of Life & Earth Life & Earth (CEO Hong Won-young) launched a new brand ecoAND and unveiled the expanded lineup of eco-friendly products, attracting many consumers' attention. Life & Earth is a company specializing in the production of eco-friendly … [Read more...]

[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Awesome Lab unveils “Water Warmer,” a portable water heater for eco-friendly camping, meeting consumer needs and reducing the risk of fire

Water Warmer│Photo courtesy of Awesome Lab As the non-face-to-face culture is spreading due to social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, car park camping that combines travel and accommodation into one while minimizing contact with other people is becoming more popular. As Korea’s … [Read more...]

[Entrepreneurship to Save the Earth] Picopico to make small environmental movement with its paper box fixing device “Butigo”

Butigo, paper box fixing device│Courtesy of Picopico With the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, demand for packaging and delivery is increasing due to increased non-face-to-face consumption. As a result, is there any good way to use paper boxes these days when disposable waste is rapidly … [Read more...]

[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Alfred makes cat litter with coffee grounds, releasing eco-friendly and earth-protecting cat litter “Cassava Black”

Courtesy of Alfred As of 2018, the annual consumption of coffee by adults in Korea is 353 cups per person, showing how much Koreans love coffee. But, on the other hand, 1,150 tons of coffee grounds are created per year. When coffee is extracted from coffee beans, the coffee grounds produce carbon … [Read more...]