[MIK HOT SPOT_KHIDI] Don’t neglect psychological problems! On-offline Mindcafe Psychological Research Institute

Many people are enjoying the convenience of life in a modern society, but it is also a reality that many people are suffering from psychological illnesses. However, there are many people who feel alone because they are afraid to tell their own stories. Atommerce, which participated in MIK Hot Spot (Made in Korea Online Exhibition) KHIDI introduced Mindcafe Psychological Research Institute, where you can receive on-offline psychological treatment.

Q. About our platform

Hi. I am Lee Seung-won, the director of the Atommerce. Mindcafe Psychological Research Institute. Our Mindcafe is an online and offline platform that allows everyone with heartache to share his or her heartache and receive expert psychological care.

Under our company’s vision, we have created a community called Mindcafe, a place where IT experts, psychological experts, and psychiatrists can come together and heal the people who are hurt. It was established in January 2016. Since then, in the Mindcafe community, we have 700,000 accumulated users communicating their pain to share with others.

Also, in February, with the mission to provide real healing to those who need it, we have launched a 1:1 psychological counseling platform that enables online psychological counseling with experts called Mindcafe Pro. And, we are also operating the offline center Mindcafe Psychological Care Center.

Q. Features of the platform

First, there are some advantages. There was a part that was hard to overcome in the existing offline psychological counseling. The first part is anonymity. Honestly, it is very difficult for the people with psychological pain to share their pain with others. They are worried about being exposed, and other people will find out about them. They don’t want to be seen as someone with psychological problems to the people working with them or around them. Since it is run online and anonymity is absolutely guaranteed, you can receive the healing service through communication with experts without being exposed to others.

Second, it is accessibility. There are so many people who have difficulty in receiving psychological counseling because of time or space constraints. But in Mindcafe, we solved such problems.  So during the 24 hours, if you need counseling, you can have the psychological counseling with the experts whenever and wherever you want.

And, the third part is the cost. In Mindcafe, the price we offer is 40 to 60% lower than other offline counseling. We can do this because we got rid of the restrictions of space and time with the online service.

Q. Plan for business expansion

The age of non-face-to-face is coming, and there are certain limits to psychological counseling that can be conducted through human error. But, to supplement the human error in the counseling, we are working on incorporating AI in the counseling. Our AI experts are developing various contents that can provide non-face-to-face psychological care. So, in the future, we are planning to develop various contents that can heal our clients and those who have psychological pain in the future, going beyond the limitations of online and offline. And through this, we are planning to advance into the global part of mental health care.

Q. Staff of the company

We are working with the psychiatrists, psychological experts, and IT professionals. Under our company’s mission “Closing mind will close the world,” they have gathered and made efforts to heal the minds of people. Our psychiatrists are brothers named Yang Jae-jin and Yang Jae-woong. They are the only psychiatrist in Korea who are brothers. These psychiatrists are the commanders in our company.

We also have psychological experts who accompany the treatment. About the experiences of these psychological experts, I worked as the first GP GOP counseling officer in the Korean Army. The psychological expert who founded the most active offline center in the franchise is working as the clinical psychological expert. Also, supervisors who are positioned at the highest position among psychological experts in each university hospital are working with us to heal the sick.

Q. Reliability of the platform

Thankfully, so many people have supported us and cheered for us in Atommerce Mindcafe. In 2018, we were selected as the top ten Challenge K-Startups among 5,779 startups in the world. We were even invited to Cheongwadae. In 2019, we received the first place in social value that was run from the SK Group.

Also, so many people with psychological pain who were with us are supporting and promoting us. I will tell you about the client I can remember on the top of my head. This person had a difficulty in leading social life . He received our Mindcafe Pro online psychological counseling and healed the pain. He overcame the pain and then reconciled with his family, and moreover, he was able to enter the society. There are many people like this. I remember them the most.

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