[Preview 4YFN] Mint Robot, will attend ‘4YFN’ with ‘Precision Reducer for Robot Joints’

With the support of Creative Factory, ‘Mint Robot’, will participated in ‘MWC 2018(Mobile World Congress)’ and the global start-up exhibition ‘4YFN(4 Years From Now)’, that will be held jointly and introduce ‘Precision Reducer for Robot Joints’ and ‘Real-time motion control platform based on fieldbus communication’, from Feb. 26th(Mon) to Feb. 28th (Wed).

‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ is the one that have selected the promising company among the participating companies in MWC 2018, and the selected companies have opportunity to do press pitching with foreign journalists from United States, China, Germany and others in ‘4YFN’, and furthermore, they will be the Top3 that global media selects.

Mint Robot, that was selected as ‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ was founded in February 2015, is a startup that researches, develops and manufactures robotics and robotics components. It is developing core parts of articulated robots with our unique technology and is developing low cost articulated robots that many people can use. The main products are precision decelerators for joint robots and motion control platforms based on fieldbus communication. It is also developing ultra-low-cost cooperative robots using these. At present, the demand for robots and automation systems that are increasing due to the 4.0 manufacturing era is receiving attention from many related companies.

The main target is robot makers and automation system builders manufacturing robots. Precision reducers for robots are a core part of joint robots. They are very expensive and difficult to supply. Therefore, many related companies are interested in using new products. Mint Robot’s products are positioned in the middle-end market segment, which is a niche market, and automation system builders who cannot introduce robots due to price problems are noteworthy.

The officials of the company commented, “We hope to advance into Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia, which are expanding in Europe, USA, Japan” and added, “We will strive for a niche market based on price competitiveness and continuously improve our products through customer feedback”. He also said, “We plan to enter the global market in earnest from 2H08”. In addition, the Creative Factory, which has been supporting the company, has adopted the vision of ‘creating high-tech products’ and ‘global leading hub’, and is promoting the commercialization of creative ideas. Currently, it is establishing a comprehensive support system, and is making efforts to promote innovative product development and to activate entrepreneurship. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top Korean companies.

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