2018 Korea Public Procurement EXPO, Closed Successfully with $35.7 Million Export Performance

Public Procurement Service(Administrator Park Chun-seop) have told It was iconcluded that export contracts and MOUs of $ 35.7 million were concluded in the Public Procurement EXPO which was held for 3 days from last 25th to 27th in KINTEX, Ilsan.

As a result, it was $ 6 million higher than the previous record of $ 29.7 million, and increased by US $ 1,297,000 (about 3.7%) compared to the export performance of the Public Procurement Expo in 2017, the number of contracting countries has increased from 18 countries to 22 countries and has succeeded in diversifying export regions.

In addition to this achievement, Public Procurement Service, will hold a Global Public Procurement Consultation Meeting (scheduled for November and December) in the second half of the year, and plans to actively provide opportunities for network formation between overseas buyers and domestic SMEs.

Meanwhile, the ‘2018 Korea Public Procurement EXPO’ was the most successful event, which during the event, the largest number of people, 12,754 people, visited the event and it was a great success, which 8 international organizations, 21 foreign procurement agencies, and 95 foreign buyers from 34 countries attended the event as a ‘global export exhibition’.