[KOBA 2018] SEKI ELECTRONICS, introduced Premium Audio BOSE, Audio Technica Company’s Sound System

SEKI ELECTRONICS have participated ‘KOREA INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST AUDIO & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT SHOW(KOBA 2018)’ held in COEX from May 15th (Tue) to 18th (Fri) and introduced BOSE, Audio Technica Company’s Sound System.

SEKI ELECTRONICS is the company that is in charge of premium audio specializing maker BOSE and Audio Technica company’s official importer. In this exhinition, it have introduced BOSE Professional line’s ‘F1 System’ and ‘L1 System’. The ‘F1 System’ is a portable array speaker system with a variable amplifier, and the ‘L1 System’ is a line array speaker system. It is mainly installed in schools and hotels.

Both BOSE and Audio Technica are divided into industrial and consumer products and range from large speakers to earphones for Pro and Bluetooth speakers. Oh Hong-suk, director of the exhibition, said, “We participated in promoting products and making new products public.”

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 is progressed in a total of 27,997 sqm in COEX exhibition hall A, C and D hall, and presents next-generation broadcasting services and the future of video, sound and lighting industries. In particular, KOBA exhibition holds more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences organized by the Korea Broadcasting Technology Association, the Korean Association of Sound Artists, and the Korean Society for Sound Science, and in response, the audience is actively learning professional information related to broadcasting and sound.