[KOBA 2018] Samyang Optics Showcased Various Camera Lens Including Xeen

Samyang Optics introduced various lens, including Xeen at ‘KOREA INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST AUDIO & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT SHOW(KOBA 2018)’ held in COEX from May 15th (Tue) to 18th (Fri) .

Xeen lens is professional cinema lens which can cope with 4k+ resolution. Even if in limited condition, Xeen lens can provide round boke, bright apeture, soft background and metal housing. Samyang XP also supports 8K filming as it is a premium manual focus photo lens.

Samyang AF has superior ability for mirroless and DSLR camera which is fast and accurate. Also, it has high reliability and auto focus ability.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 will be held at a total of 27,997 sqm at the exhibition hall A, C, and D, and seem to present the next-generation broadcasting service and the future of video, sound and lighting industry. In particular, during KOBA exhibition, it provides an opportunity to learn professional information related to broadcasting and sound, through international broadcasting technology conferences more than 80 times, hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association and sound-related professional technology seminars, hosted by the Korea Association of Sound Artists and the Acoustical Society of Korea.