[Green Energy Expo & Korea LED Industry Exhibition Preview] CAPRO, will introduce ‘Chargeable LED Penetrating Light’ that can be used for Maximum 30 hours.

CAPRO will participate the ‘International Green Energy Expo 2018 & 2018 Korea LED Industry Exhibition’ held in EXCO, Daegu from Apr. 4th(Wed) to 6th (Fri) and introduce chargeable LED penetrating light.

Automotive parts lamp producing specialized company ‘CAPRO ‘, located in Jiinmyun, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, is Hyundai Mobis pure parts producing company, and are receiving great response by continuously developing the LED lamps for industry and leisure with the 20 years of accumulated technology. The ‘4th generation LED chargeable penetrating light’, that was released at this time, is the innovative chargeable penetrating light that gives maximum 30 hours use with one charge without the code at the work site or in the leisure activity where there is no electricity.

It can be used freely in anywhere any place, like in places where there is no electricity or at the places where it is difficult to install the electricity, such as for home use as emergency purpose when there is blackout, or leisure activities such as construction site, factory, lorry transport, warehouse goods management, night sky work and facilities work, harbor, shipyard work, railway rail work, vehicle maintenance, night street stalls, stalls, night climbing, and camping.

CAPRO’s the ‘4th generation LED chargeable penetrating light’, which have realized 4 times brightness with the patent technology of each LED reflector, done by expanding the light to far places is divided into ‘straight type’ and ‘expand type’ according to the usage. ‘Straight type’ can brighten up to 100m based on the 20 1step, and the ‘expand type’ can brighten the surrounding up to 90 degrees.

This can be used effectively as 3 step brightness control is possible with one switch, and the height can be adjusted conveniently with triangular stand, and also the penetrating lamp can be adjusted to 160 degrees angle. According to the size, the 24~35 LED is applied, and as the brightness can be adjusted from 250 lumen to 3200 lumen, it can be conveniently used according to the purpose.

With 3 hours and 30 minutes average charge time, it can be continuously used from 5~35 hours according to the density of the light, so even for a long hours work, 1~2 4th generation chargeable LED penetrating light will be enough. . LG Chem lithium-ion battery with built-in over discharge and overcharge protection circuit is applied, guaranteeing the quality, and there is almost no indirect radiation heat due to the heat generation of the light, and the state of charge of the battery can be determined by the charge display lamp. If the battery cannot be charged, it can be used in series by connecting the portable battery with the power bank function.

‘CAPRO ‘ guarantees the quality of your product in a full line self-producing process, from injection to build, assemble and package, and company plans to eliminate the factors of price increase due to subcontracting and complicated distribution processes and deliver it to consumers through direct production, dealer sales, direct order sales such as online and telephone.
‘CAPRO’ have registered as a partner of Hyundai Mobis Kia Parts Division in 1999, and have been registered as LED product Mobis pure parts manufacturing company in 2013. Acquired a patent for multi-reflector amplification lens and obtained two practical tentative patents, and have registered 5 design patent. In 2015, ‘CAPRO’ have developed and registered its own brand ‘CAPRO’, and are spurring the next generation LED light business.

Meanwhile, ‘2018 Korea LED Industry Exhibition’ is the two-way business exhibition that has possessed Korea’s exclusive B2B and B2C, which will be held simultaneously with Korea’s largest solar exhibition, the ‘International Green Energy Expo’. Products such as interior lamp, outdoor lamp, medi-bio, display, and parts are displayed, and LED supply seminars, electrical safety management code training and technical seminars, and local energy supply personnel training will also be progresses together.