[CES 2019] Owlfs Presents the ‘Owlfs Revan’, a Back and Corner Action Camera for Motorcycle Black Box System

Owlfs has displayed the ‘Owlfs Revan’, a HUD smart black box for a motorcycle in CES 2019 EUREKA PARK MIK Innovation Hot Spot & MIK Night (Booth #52843), the world’s largest technology show, held in Las Vegas, USA from January 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri).

Owlfs Revan is a HUD smart black box attached to a motorcycle helmet. Since it is a removable device, one can choose different design or brand of helmet.

Its advantages are the elimination of blind spots through HUD and camera monitoring system which alarms the driver of the possible dangers for safe drive and leisure.

Also, it provides up to 512G, 340 ° revolution in an FDH quality, and long-lasting battery which allows recording the rider’s surrounding area for a long time.

Because each part is a module, choice of battery’s shape and size, HUD types, and other options are available as an additional option.

Owlfs is a venture startup company producing smart black box for a motorcycle. Each member of the company is a professional in each field and has at least ten years’ experience in riding a motorcycle for leisure purpose. Based on the background of riding and understanding motorcycle, each member has devoted to making the product that riders would want to have.

Since Owlfs was founded in 2017 August, motorcycle, bicycle, and other various personal mobility products are being developed under the optical engine design technique and camera monitoring system technology. Among these mobility products, the Owlfs Revan, a smart black box for motorcycle, has completed test production and is continuing other tests.

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