[CES 2019] TAG Presents FishingTAG, a Global Service Platform

TAG has presented its global service platform, FishingTAG, in CES 2019 ‘Design & Source & MIK NIGHT’, the world’s largest technology show held in Las Vegas, USA from January 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri).

TAG, established in 2014, has focused its aim on intuitive interface based on creativity. With innovation created through strong teamwork, TAG Corp. is a startup company that improves by challenging continuously.

Global FishingTAG Service is an online fishing contest without time and space constraints where worldwide cosmopolitans can participate.

It provides a measurement system which allows measuring the length and size of the fish caught by a user; automatic instrumentation system is provided for fair play as well as free participation of the Fishing Tournament by country and province which makes fishing enjoyable with people all around the world.

Also, it is planned to release and link platform service for challenges by country and province through the use of GPS, connection with SNS platform to share fishing information, and emoticon and sales service.

AVING NEWS and GMEG, a global company specializing in MICE have planned together and co-hosted MIK Innovation Hot Spot. MIK Innovation Hot Spot is made as the global project zone to give boost to startups in Korea to enter the global market. With the space provided for exhibition and pitching, it runs various programs and parties.

2019 CES is an innovative place where the tech companies that will be leading fourth industrial revolution future are attending.

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