Congratulations from Ambiente Eleven exhibitors, eleven anniversaries

Brabantia, Cor Mulder and KitchenAid were among the eleven companies with a special reason to celebrate at Ambiente 2019.

Testimonies of passion, single-mindedness and a pro-active mindset: In the last few days a total of eleven businesses were celebrating their anniversaries at the most important consumer goods trade fair in the world. The busy trade fair was in full swing, but the Ambiente team still found time to give pleasure in the form of both sweet and sparkling gifts to recognise what the companies had achieved. “Our exhibitors have been successful for many years now, and so we want to celebrate with them in person. It’s a remarkable achievement when a company has been in the market for such a long time,” said Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente.

Each company was given a surprise gift by Nicolette Naumann’s team, receiving either personalised cakes or bottles of champagne at their stand. Master pastry chefs from Frankfurt were given the task of designing the cakes so that the relevant companies were instantly recognisable, with the design based on current product lines and logos.

During the five days of Ambiente several stands were celebrating and feasting. Pillivuyt had their 200th anniversary, while KitchenAid, Mertens, Fackelmann, Kaiser Backformen and Brabantia were celebrating centenaries. Also, Berghoff Worldwide were celebrating their 25th anniversaries, Cor Mulder and J. Kersten their 50th, Lenox their 130th, and IKO-Import Klaus Otte their 40th anniversary.

2019 Ambiente

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