[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Turning the Fair Farming Industry into a Culture, Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Central Association

Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Central Association (hereinafter referred to as, MWA) will participate in ‘Healing Fair 2018’ from April 6 to 8 at the exhibition hall of YangJae aT Centre in Seoul.

MWA is comprised of female farmers aged 40 to 65 years old, and it is a group that is striving to foster fair agriculture, foster successor farmers, educate consumers and invigorate farm villages after having founding meeting in last 2017.

In this year’s Healing Fair 2018, it will exhibit the foods produced healthy by women farmers, and will compose the experience hall that the participants could experience. In addition, it will provide related travel information including experiential farms operated in farm village, spread the farm village culture, and plans to increase the vitality of farm village through activation of tour product connected with farm village.

(Photo Description: The President Lee Hyun-joo, of Middle-aged Women Farmer CEO Central)

The president Lee Hyun-joo of MWA said, “We want to create a market where mothers who produce and mothers who consume are accompanied through this Healing Fair. Women farmers, hence, we will not only exhibit the healthy food produced by producing mother, but will compose the booth so that people could experience” and added, “Currently, it is not easy to do new market opening for produced healthy food. I hope this exhibition could be a big help for producing mothers”.

Healing Fair is the only Korean healing theme exhibition to offer excellent healing products and services as well as set the new trend of healing industry and culture. It consists of 5 exhibition theme zones specialized in healing by industry, including healing food, healing beauty, healing play, healing city & tour, and healing living. In addition, various experience programs will be held at the same time and offer pleasure for visitors.