ELT Sensor, to unveil its CO sensor and CO2 temperature controller during Smart Sensing 2019 in Japan

ELT Sensor, a leading gas sensor company (CEO: Lee, Ihn) unveiled its CO sensor and CO2 temperature controller at the 2019 Smart Sensing, held from September 9 to 13 in Tokyo Big Sight, which is one of the leading-edge sensing and IOT technology trade shows in Japan. 

The exhibition is covering all fields of new sensing technologies. This show regroups products and applications for sensors, controls, systems, devices, technologies and information.

ELT Sensor has been focusing on raising global awareness of the company by continuously participating in the world’s four major sensor exhibitions in the US, Japan, Germany, and China.

It is planning to diversify the channels in the Japanese market by promoting the new products the CO sensor module, CO-S20-3V and CO2 temperature controller and finding new market through this exhibition.

Especially, the CO sensor module has high accuracy and long life as an electric chemical formula CO sensor module, which features 4 kinds of output ports; UART, I2C, PWM, Alarm(Open collector) to increase convenience for every users.

It can be loaded on a fixed or portable CO detector, sensor and alarm and also can be used by placing on a ventilation facility in multiuse facilities, such as a fire detection, kitchen hood, basement garage, underground shopping area, vinyl greenhouse and vinyl air conditioning system, etc.

CO2 temperature controller has a high performance temperature sensor and a touch screen for user to operate easily. This product can be connected with a CO2 density and temperature controller, and a CO2 generator (including a fan heater and a unit heater) to manage crops in a vinyl greenhouse.

In addition, ELT Sensor displayed diverse gas sensors and indoor air quality monitors measuring the temperature and humidity, and the multi-gas transmitter (AQM-200), the sensor module (T-200-3V, S-300-3V) and the USB type CO2 sensor (MT-200).

Eum Jung-woo, the branch manager in Japan of ELT Sensor said, “We will expand the market in Japan through the exhibition by introducing the new products of sensors and controllers with differentiated technical skills and respond to customer.”

With the motto “the company that creates smart future with sensors,” ELT Sensor specializes in gas sensor, providing more than 50 types of sensors, some of their products include the following:NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) sensor, ethylene sensor (C2H4), propane sensor (C3H8), butane sensor (C4H10), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen sensor (O2), and ammonia sensor. These products are provided to approximately 200 customers in more than 40 countries.

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