[DIFA 2019] Fly Above Water at 40 km/h. New E-Foil Board “PEGASUS” Product Launch Showcase

“Pegasus” (CEO Lee Dong Won, www.pegasusfoil.com) is expected to showcase their “Lithium-Ion Battery Powered E-Foil board” at the Daegu International Future Auto EXPO which is held at Daegu Exco from October 17th to the 20th.

The E-Foil board is a new water sports device that takes a traditional foil board and mounts it with a lithium-ion battery and electric motor which is run by a handheld controller via Bluetooth. Unlike traditional surfboards or foil boards, the E-Foil board does not rely on wind or waves and can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.

The global water sports industry has seen an explosion of E-Foil boards, E-Surf boards, and other electric powered water sports devices within the past few years, with new companies emerging left and right with their products. Water sports enthusiasts around the world have been raving and closely following this trend as companies create and spread their content through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The Pegasus is reported as having addressed the problems of existing E-Foil brands and having achieved technical advancements never seen before in E-Foil boards. The biggest problem with this market according to potential customers is its price point. The Pegasus has been developed with this problem in mind and will be available for purchase at less than 60% of the cost of its competitors.

On the other hand, the public has raised concerns regarding its quality and reliability due to its low cost. CEO Lee Dong Won has addressed this matter by saying that the Pegasus uses SAMSUNG SDI battery and is manufactured with real carbon fiber. He has stated that the quality of his product is at least on par if not better than those of the competitors that use a battery of similar quality and mostly aluminum components. He has also stated that he believes the existing products have been set at a high price point solely because of the fact that they were the first to sell the product.