[CES 2021 All Digital] Uk-Based Telecommunications Company Binatone Debuts The World’S First Revolutionary Maskfone At The Ces 2021 Digital Conference

Binatone, the leading global manufacturer of innovative, smart home and consumer electronic devices since 1958 has announced that their revolutionary MaskFone, will be introduced to press and tech aficionados at this year’s digital CES conference. The MaskFone is a groundbreaking true wireless headphone and mask in-one that brings together Hubble Connected’s patented technology including a built-in microphone with a medical grade N95 Filter to streamline a new way of life as we all learn to navigate through these uncertain times of this global pandemic and beyond. Consumers can now wear a mask that provides both protection and convenience with a seamless transition for wherever life takes them. The MaskFone is a daily essential that protects you and anyone you cross paths with from harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollution. This unique product is fully equipped with high quality built-in wireless earbuds that have environmental noise cancelation features to suppress background noise so that you can enjoy music and take phone calls without compromising your safety, or the safety of others. The MaskFone provides all day comfort with a soft but durable machine washable twill fabric that easily forms to all face shapes. The disposable interchangeable N95 filters ensure a high-grade level of protection with replaceable filters and 95% virus filtration.

Hailed as “the one of best face mask to buy in 2020” by Forbes, the MaskFone received added praise in publications like Wall Street Journal who dubbed the MaskFone as “one of their favorite gadgets of 2020”, the Washington Post who named the MaskFone as “a company who has gone a step further with their mask”, Associated Press, HypeBeast and more. Internationally, the MaskFone has been considered a must-have for tech savvy consumers by publications like Forbes Mexico, Wired Italy, Business Insider India, and the India Express.

Combining safety, fashion, technology, and entertainment, the MaskFone revolutionizes the listening and talking experience giving users with different lifestyles 12 hours of playtime, handsfree calling and zero limitations with its built-in microphone. The MaskFone allows you to speak directly into the microphone, allowing for clearer phone calls while wearing a mask. In addition, the controls are hidden inside for convenient use, as well as a sleeker look for all your handsfree calls. With a lightweight fitted style, the earphones inside of the MaskFone make it perfect for any activity. When not listening to music or making calls, simply pull the cable clip to hold the earbuds with the magnetic earbud holder to keep them in place.

The MaskFone also includes voice projection powered by the Hubble Connect app for clear audio and no interruptions. With Amazon Alexa embedded into the app, the possibilities for Hubble to aid your every need becomes a reality with voice control to play music, control smart home devices, manage calendars, get weather updates, and access tens of thousands of Alexa’s other features. The MaskFone features further integrated simplicity with a direct voice activation

button programmed to not only wake Alexa, but the other compatible applications including Siri and Google Assistant as well. Starting from $49.99 MSRP, the MaskFone has amazing benefits all packaged within an ingenious first-to-market mask with cable management for optimum simplicity and IPX5 water resistant capabilities brings together the best of both worlds with unlimited possibilities and supreme flexibility.

With the MaskFone, Binatone is poised to make 2021 a revolutionary year for consumers however, the company has not stopped there with their innovative offerings. Following the success of the MaskFone, Binatone and Hubble Connected will also unveil the world’s first MegaFone by MaskFone timed to the CES digital conference. The MegaFone mask will be fully equipped with a detachable voice projector that offers a “walkie talkie” mode for voice projection and two-way talk. No more having to ask someone to repeat unheard words anymore. The MegaFone uses Mesh Network that gives you the ability to pair with other MegaFone masks, no smartphone needed.

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