Chosen by global media! BEST OF MIK@CES2021 Awards held… Korean startup that made CES 2021 shine in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

The world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2021 was held from January 11 to 14, and on the last day, AVING News held the “Best of MIK@CES2020 Awards” for Korean companies. As judges, French IT/Tech media Lecafedugeek, global news network AVING News, and total IT media IT Donga participated.

According to the data disclosed by Consumer Technology Association (CTA), 2,000 companies from 130 countries participated in CES 2021. From Korea, 345 companies and institutions participated, coming in second after the United States in participation among 130 countries. As the business competitiveness of the Korean companies has been further strengthened, startups that have made CES 2021 shine were announced at the Best of MIK@CES2020 Awards.

Lecafedugeek’s BEST 3 OF CES 2021 – DI Electronics GoodByeCar WayneHills Ventures

Lecafedugeek is a high-tech information website created in 2012, and it produces content full of interesting things to see. It is making short video contents that can be watched on the way to and from work and break time, and it focuses on providing information related to startups. The BEST 3 companies that Lecafedugeek selected in CES 2021 are as follows. △ DI Electronics △ GoodByeCar △ WayneHills Ventures

DI Electronics

DI Electronics participated in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase qwerty case, its wireless keyboard for the visually impaired. The company staff said, “For the first time in the world, our products can be entered by using all ten fingers even while on mobile. It takes very little time to learn the input method with the same key arrangement as the computer keyboard. The input speed is fast and the typo rate is drastically lowered.”

He then continued, “In addition, it has the advantage of being easy to carry because it is in the form of a smartphone case. Since it can be used with a smartphone, it is easy to use exclusive gesture functions as well.”

He also said, “It is optimized as a device that assists the visually impaired to use smartphones. It is also a great advantage to be able to supply it to the market at less than 1/20 price compared to existing information input devices because it was developed with a focus on core functions.”


GoodByeCar participated in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase BASTRO-2KW, its portable auxiliary power supply. GoodByeCar is a company specializing in electric vehicle recycling, and it is making portable high-capacity power banks. Its first product BASTRO Power Bank has won the 2020 Good Design Award hosted by the MOTIE.

The company staff said, “Our products can be controlled through a mobile app by using Bluetooth technology, and it detects and informs users of dangerous situations such as over-discharging and charging, and overheating. It is a 2KW high-efficiency portable battery that can easily check the state of charge and use of the battery. The size is smaller than other products of the same capacity.”

He added, “By using BMS, accidents that may occur during use can be prevented, and by using batteries removed from electric vehicles, carbon emissions can be reduced and production costs can also be reduced.” 

WayneHills Ventures

WayneHills Ventures participated in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 to introduce AI Video Converter, the AI service that automatically produces text into video service.

WayneHills Ventures provides AI Video Converter, an AI service that automatically produces text into video. 80% automation, 20% customization: It provides a customization function for improving customer satisfaction and managing video content quality. Users can edit their own images, sound sources, and video clips as desired by inserting them.

The company staff said, “If you use our products for processing a myriad of texts such as publishing, you can quickly and easily produce videos at an economical cost. Based on AI and cloud database, we are preoccupying the market advantage in the current market in that it takes only three to five days to distribute due to 1/10 of price competitiveness compared to competitors and automatic video conversion.” He then said, “We plan to expand our global vision business not only in Korea, but also in countries around the world including the US.”


AVING NEWS has reported the most news on CES, MWC, and IFA, the world’s three major tech exhibitions for the past 14 years. It is reporting major issues in the global market and introducing outstanding Korean companies to the world The BEST 3 companies that AVING News selected in CES 2021 are as follows. △MediWhale △The2H △NAMUTECH


MediWhale participated in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase DrNoon, its AI integrated solution for eye disease diagnosis and vascular disease prediction. DrNoon is an all-in-one AI software medical diagnostic device that integrates an ophthalmic camera, AI, and medical electronic charts.

It can examine and analyze fundus images through an integrated database that includes clinically classified ophthalmic diseases (cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.) and systemic diseases (cardiovascular disease, kidney function, diabetes, sarcopenia, anemia, etc.).

The company staff said, “DrNoon is a simple, fast and easy-to-access accurate eye disease examination system that users can diagnose eye diseases and predict systemic diseases with the photo of fundus. Through CES 2021, we want to meet strategic partners and promote the company’s growth.”


The2H participated in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase Hyperspace, its VR game contents. Creative studio The2H is creating virtual reality game content that allows users to experience a unique immersion. It has also participated in more than 48 blockbuster movies, four attractions (Transformer Ride from Universal Studios), and high-quality VR projects (CARN Y ARENA).

Next-generation “reality connected game” Hyperspace is a next-generation cultural content created with the know-how of graphic experts and global talents who participated in Hollywood blockbuster movie production. It provides high-quality game and experience that stimulate the five senses.

The company staff said, “It is a new content business that allows users to immerse themselves in game content, and experience it in more diverse ways, and simulators can be installed and replaced with modular hardware.”


NAMUTECH exhibited in CES for the second time this year. As a company that specializes in cloud, AI, big data, smart city, it promotes the future corporate value and introduces the digital transformation solution applied in the entire industry.

The company introduced its digital conversion solution “Smart DX Solution” and presented cloud, AI, big data, and smart city strategies optimized for enterprises, and received attention from the viewers. Smart DX Solution provides a one-stop digital transformation service to customers with unparalleled performance and innovative features. Through this, companies can efficiently manage IT resources with upgraded functions and reasonable prices.

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said, “We have completed the preparation to challenge high-growth innovation business with Smart DX Solution. We will bring out innovation in various industries with outstanding technological competitiveness.”

IT Donga’s BEST 3 OF CES 2021 – Coconut Silo Bronine PiQuant

IT Donga is a comprehensive IT media established by and Game Guru in 2004. As an IT specialized media that delivers domestic and international news, it quickly and accurately delivers general IT news such as computers, mobiles, networks, consumer electronics, Internet, semiconductors, and games to readers. ‘The BEST 3 companies that IT Donga selected in CES 2021 are as follows. △Coconut silo △Bronine △PiQuant

Coconut Silo

Coconut Silo participated in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase Coco Truck, its one-stop logistics solution. Coco Truck is a logistics platform that successfully binds the logistics market into one. It connects the logistics company, cargo owners, and truck drivers to upgrade the logistics industry by increasing efficiency and trust.

Coco Truck features a unique business model that efficiently connects the companies with third-party services and FMS (fleet management system). The app provides an automated quotation service to make the process of sending proposals easier. It also helps greatly reduce gas money with a smart consolidation system to enable the movement of multiple cargoes in a single transit process and a matchback algorithm to help drivers to get orders that are close to their garages when they are far away, thus saving time and gas money.

The company staff said, “Coconut Silo has worked with many big companies like Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Fujitsu. The company hopes to expand its overseas market to various Asian countries like China, Vietnam, India, and Japan, and ASEAN countries and reach out to logistics companies and cargo owners there.”


Bronine participated in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase Volkit, its free voltage charging technology. It was launched in Kickstarter in mid-November, and received the grand prize at the K-Global Project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Bronine’s Volkit is a technology that can charge all electronics regardless of voltage with a single charger. Volkit technology can convert 110-220V AC type power into DC type, which is a low voltage and current type, and can raise it to a high voltage of 15V by receiving a low voltage of 5V as an input.

The company staff said, “Volkit technology provides convenience for consumers, the advantage of reducing costs by eliminating the need to manufacture chargers for each type of electronics, and contributing to conservation of environment by reducing the indiscriminate waste of chargers/adapters. I hope participating in CES 2021 will become a shortcut to B2B collaboration.”


PiQuant participated in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021 to showcase a spectroscopic technique that solved the noise problem.

Spectroscopy is a customized component analysis solution using light that can measure any substance down to the molecular level regardless of solid, liquid, or gaseous form. However, there is too much noise during the measurement process, and it is too big and expensive. Accordingly, PiQuant developed a unique noise canceling technology that distinguishes and removes noise signals, and improved the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to 48,000 times.

The company staff said, “Using our technology, we can make a small and inexpensive spectrometer while maintaining high sensitivity. It has measurement reliability very similar to that of the lab’s expensive spectrometer.” He then said, “We have applied for 17 patents for spectroscopic technology and registered six patents. We are working with global partners in various industries. Our spectroscope can be applied in a variety of fields such as smart homes, smart cities, smart factories, smart farms, and healthcare.”

MADE IN KOREA (MIK), which started in 2016 with the mission to promoting Korean companies to the world, is the global project of AVING News. It has helped the Korean companies expand their businesses by using the globally collaborating media, YouTubers, crowdfunding platforms, and investors to promote them to domestic and international markets. It has also run the BEST OF MIK, the event to select the competitive products and services among the participants.

CES, the world’s largest electronics and ICT exhibition held every January hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is known as an exhibition where you can see the mainstream of the global home electronics industry at a glance. This year, CES 2021 was conducted all-digital for the first time in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. About 2,000 companies from all over the world participated, and 386 companies won the innovation award. The CES organizer selects the BEST OF INNOVATION and INNOVATION AWARDS HONOREE every year.

The main areas introduced in CES 2021 are as follows. ▲5G and Internet of Things (IoT) ▲Advertising, Entertainment & Content ▲Automotive ▲Blockchain ▲Health & Wellness ▲Home & Family ▲Immersive Entertainment ▲Product Design & Manufacturing ▲Robotics & Machine Intelligence ▲Sports ▲Startups

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