Haier Unveils World’s First “Internet of Food” Smart Refrigerator

Haier Smart Home Unveils World’s First “Internet of Food” Smart Refrigerator Compliant with New IEC Standards. (Image source: Official Press Release)

Haier dreams of ushering in a new era of healthy food storage, with the launch of the first Internet of Food-empowered Smart Refrigerator at AWE 2021 in Shanghai.

The appliance is the first smart refrigerator to be fully compliant with 22 Chinese national industry standards as well as the global IEC Standards, which were developed in partnership with Haier to ensure refrigeration systems meet certain safety, efficiency, and environmental protection requirements.

Haier’s smart refrigerator harnesses innovative technologies to meet best-in-class refrigeration standards with an intuitive scenario-based system. The result is a smart fridge that always ensures healthy food preservation, provides ample storage volume and offers connected services powered by an IoT ecosystem.

The smart fridge has a low freezing temperature fluctuation of less than 0.2°C, while the middle shelves enable users to switch between six storage modes depending on their needs. The appliance is also capable of detecting the location of different foods, regulating their freshness and quality and recommending recipes based on the ingredients available.

Ideal for preserving the full spectrum of food categories, Haier’s smart fridge delivers first-class cooling for kitchen and dining rooms with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C. Inside the fridge, users enjoy an abundance of storage with 780 liters of volume, independent food compartments, a door-to-door design that maximizes space and an extra-large temperature-adjustable crisper with a unique compartment design.

Users can also modify the temperature in dedicated compartments for special ingredients such as fruit, drinks, red wine, and health products; and freeze meat, seafood and poultry to temperatures as low as -70°C. A truly connected and intuitive solution, the fridge is also the world’s first smart food platform that harnesses the power of 5G to deliver services via an IoT ecosystem.

Haier’s smart refrigerator provides a number of services to improve the food storage experience, ranging from seamless user identification to automatic food management, ordering and wireless payment. The platform also uses RFID to deliver intelligent management after storing items in the fridge – enabling users to trace the source of an ingredient, link the fridge to other smart appliances such as the oven, identify the freshest and most healthy foods, and set a reminder to automatically replenish supplies when low.