Sushi Launches Kashi Lending & Margin Trading Platform on BentoBox

Kashi, the first app built on BentoBox, which allows users to maximize the power of their cryptocurrencies through its dual token usage infrastructure. (Image source: official press release)

Major decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Sushi, has announced their launch of Kashi, an innovative lending and margin trading platform that supports a new set of previously inaccessible token pairs for shorting, made possible with its unique risk isolation infrastructure.

Kashi users will have the opportunity to maximize idle token yield generation by creating lending pairs of their choice by depositing assets in Sushi’s highly anticipated new token vault, BentoBox. BentoBox allows tokens in its vault to be used on Dapps built on its infrastructure, such as earning yields from flash loans on Kashi, while simultaneously earning interest in DeFi protocol farms, such as those realized by participating in Sushi’s Onsen pools.

BentoBox serves as the wallet for the Kashi lending and margin trading platform and as an optimized solution for the Ethereum network’s transaction time and fees, a timely benefit with gas fees at their all-time highs. To reiterate, the crucial role that the vault plays is that it allows users to earn interest by lending out their assets to margin traders, while simultaneously earning yield on the same tokens from liquidity providing or farming on DeFi protocols.

Kashi’s margin trading solution uses an elastic interest rate with a target utilization rate of 70-80% of the total supply. Members of the Sushi community have been rallying for the release of BentoBox and Kashi as it offers traders a large variety of tokens that are not yet currently widely available for shorting. Since even one asset can greatly affect other cryptocurrency lending solutions, many have exempted volatile tokens from their margin trading offerings.

Fees associated with these transactions will be paid to Sushi xSUSHI holders, adding an additional layer of platform user benefits from the Kashi Lending and Margin Trading Platform. Sushi is set to release both BentoBox and Kashi V1 on Tuesday, March 16th. The initial version of Kashi will include a set of pre-existing lending pairs for users to short trade.