Opera GX gaming browser exceeds 8 million active users

Opera GX has been promoted as the world’s first browser for gamers

Opera Limited, one of the world’s major browser developers with its Opera brand browsers, announced that Opera GX has exceeded 8 million monthly active users and grew over 250% year-over-year in February.

Krystain Kolandra, EVP of Gaming & PC Browsers, said that this proves how Opera GX continues to grow rapidly as more and more gamers are discovering Opera GX. He continued that the company is focused on maintaining the growth through an aggressive product roadmap across Opera GX and Opera Gaming. This includes adding more gaming features and functionality to Opera GX and developing Opera’s YoYo Games Gamemaker Studios 2D gaming platform. He remarked that Opera is excited about the potential for its gaming efforts to drive significant growth for Opera for a long-time to come.

Opera launched GX in June of 2019 and has since expanded its gaming efforts, including founding its Opera Gaming division earlier this year to unite the company’s innovative efforts across gaming, game development, and the browser experience. Providing gamers with a browser that improves their experience – rather than compete with it – by integrating gaming and browsing is a key element of Opera’s long-term growth strategy in gaming.