iRobot Education upgrades its free coding platform

iRobot unveiled new coding resources through iRobot Education that promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development. (Photo Source: official press release)

iRobot unveiled its renewed coding resources on iRobot Education promoting more comprehensive and stable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development. The company also unveiled its newest version of iRobot Coding App with Python coding support and friendly 3D Root coding robot simulator environment.

iRobot Education’s new social and emotional learning lessons teaches peer interaction and responsible decision through coding and STEM program. These lessons help educators by providing new resources helping students to construct emotional intelligence and improve benevolence. Its coding app also added support of new languages – Spanish, French, German, Czech, and Japanese. Users can translate graphical and hybrid block coding levels into different languages, helping them to master languages and computational logic skills at the same time.

Level 3 (full-text coding) users of the coding app can learn Python, the language popular for educational and professional purposes around the world. The app also features 3d simulator designed for students in programming education, enabling their control over a virtual Root coding robot in the app for free.

To honor the National Robotics Week, iRobot Education will also publish weekly coding challenges on communication, accessible online in the coding app or onsite with a Root coding robot. These challenges include directed questions to promote interactions on the coding process, invite feedback, and celebrate new kind of learning.