[CES 2020] Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho says “CES will be a stepping stone to make a smart city in Industry 4.0 and plant new dreams and visions for young people.”

Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho participated in the world’s largest technology exhibition CES 2020 held in Las Vegas January 7 to 10.

He said, “I am honored to participate in CES2020, where future generations of technology will be aggregated to understand the various technology trends of the future. By seeing and learning the future technology trends, I began to think harder about how to improve the quality of our citizen’s lives.”

In line with the era of Industry 4.0 and with the goal to build the smart city, Anyang City is preparing for a number of projects such as autonomous driving infrastructure building project and economic IoT center and smart city integration center operation that are specially designed for Anyang. The city received the MOLIT Minister’s Award for reinforcing the smart safety network that meets the expectations of citizens, and just a few days ago, it received the Presidential Award in the local autonomous management sector.

Choi said, “We have carried out projects such as BIS and ITS earlier than other cities, and has become the first model city to operate the control center for the first time in the country based on the urban infrastructure. This has resulted in having 1,100 public institutions in Korea and 134 countries visit us.”

He also added, “In addition, we believe that Anyang can establish the brand as a smart city and make the autonomous driving industry bloom with the opportunities and challenges that autonomous vehicles will open. I think you will recognize Anyang as a city that is pursuing bold innovations in the existing relevant field.”

Lastly, he added, “Above all, the future of Anyang that I picture is to be a city where any Anyang citizen can live a happy life. We will create spaces for many start-up companies and small giants to make more jobs available, and provide the new dreams and visions to young people.”

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