Outstanding companies in the Environment & Energy Tech 2021 selected as BEST OF ENTECH 2021!

In the Environment & Energy Tech 2021 (ENTECH 2021), hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and Kookje Newspaper and organized by BEXCO, Today Energy, and KOTRA, the global news network AVING News selected the companies to receive the BEST OF ENTECH 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

ENTECH 2021 was held from Sep 1 to 3 at the BEXCO Exhibition Center 1 in Busan.

ENTECH 2021, which was first held in 2007 and celebrating its 15th this year, has expanded its role as the largest business platform in the environment and energy industry in Korea by introducing various organizations and companies in the environment and energy industry and forming a special pavilion in connection with government policies. Also, export consultations and public domestic consultations were expanded to actively support participating companies in developing domestic and overseas markets, and by strengthening online marketing through social media channels, it provided a wide range of publicity opportunities to participating companies.

The selected companies for BEST OF ENTECH 2021 are as follows. △Wooram △Nano △ACI

Wooram selected for “BEST OF ENTECH 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Wooram unveils Eco Clean food waste disposer for apartment complexes at ENTECH 2021

Wooram is an environmental company specializing in the development and production of food waste treatment equipment, starting with corrosion control equipment and CSO treatment facilities used in various pipes in the water treatment field. Under the motto “Clean the Earth,” it is striving to recycle food waste resources in a situation where interest and efforts for the environment are increasing.

WR-100 is a product mainly for apartment complexes, and it is a machine that can select rates by household by using RFID cards and passwords. It is operated by having food waste come into contact with the microorganisms in the machine, composting it, and supplying it where it is needed.

Nano selected for “BEST OF ENTECH 2021” | Photo by AVING News

Nano announces SCR denitrification catalyst for nitrogen oxide removal at ENTECH 2021

Nano is supplying denitration catalysts to thermal power plants, industrial boilers, incinerators, chemical plants, and ships around the world with independently developed technology. It is a total solution company that provides all solutions related to SCR denitration catalysts such as catalyst raw materials, design, test evaluation, manufacturing, and regeneration.

Especially, it has the ability to manufacture all three types of catalysts (plate, honeycomb, corrugate type) that are commercially available worldwide and supply products that meet the needs of customers.

Lee Jaehak, Deputy Director of Nano, said, “I will further contribute to the removal of nitrogen oxides, the main culprit of fine dust.”

ACI selected for “BEST OF ENTECH 2021” | Photo by AVING News

ACI to showcase i Mbin, a smart waste collection system at ENTECH 2021

ACI operates under two brands: Nature Store and ACI ENTECH. This time, the booth was exhibited with products from natural stores. The new i Mbin series of waste smart collection systems introduced at the exhibition has different names for each waste, and the company develops and operates storage, server, and data directly.

Regarding the future goal, the ACI official said, “We will build a smart waste collection system to continuously process eco-friendly waste.”

The exhibition items at ENTECH 2021, the largest integrated exhibition of environment, energy and future climate industry in Korea, are as follows. △ Water quality △ Atmosphere environment △ Waste treatment △ Measurement and analysis equipment △ Power, power generation & gas △ Renewable energy △ Energy efficiency △ Solar (heat) △ Wind power △ Hydrogen energy

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