Global startup ecosystem analysis institution Startup Genome participates in Try Everything 2021 on Sep. 16

Photo by AVING News

Try Everything 2021, hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and organized by the Seoul Startup Hub was held for three days from Sep. 15 to 17, and Seoul VC Ecosystem Revitalization Workshop was held in Shilla Hotel on Sep. 16.

JF Gauthier, CEO of Startup Genome participated online, and Stephan Kuester, Head of Ecosystem Strategy of Startup Genome came to Topaz Hall in Shilla Hotel to give a lecture.

The Seoul VC Ecosystem Revitalization Workshop discussed ways to promote the development of the Seoul venture capital community based on the results of Seoul startups analyzed by the global professional organization Startup Genome. Also, to improve the international status of Seoul’s startup ecosystem, it raised the need to revitalize the venture capital community in Seoul, and announced an action plan based on the analysis of the Seoul venture capital system and case studies between global cities. This received a great response.

Startup Genome has been analyzing and evaluating the startup ecosystems of cities around the world since 2012 based on a data-based methodology. It publishes an in-depth analysis report on the urban startup ecosystem and a series of reports dealing with global issues related to startups such as COVID-19. Recently, it held a global innovation policy forum.

Startup Genome CEO JF Gauthier said, “We must not only focus on the domestic market, but also target overseas markets in order to grow into a global company. To do this, it is urgent that we understand the needs of global consumers.”

Startup Genome announced that Seoul ranked 16th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021. The startup ecosystem value in Seoul is estimated to reach 54 trillion won.

This evaluation was conducted on 280 cities in 100 countries around the world, and the Seoul startup ecosystem ranking rose four steps from 20th in 2020, receiving the highest evaluation since 2017 when it was included in the survey.

Startup Genome cited an excellent talent pipeline and high R&D investment as Seoul’s strengths. Especially, Seoul ranked high in the global top 4 in the field of knowledge accumulation, which is evaluated by research achievements and patents. Currently, nine of eleven unicorn companies in Korea (corporate value of more than one trillion won, unlisted) are located in Seoul, and it is analyzed that Seoul has a rich business environment.

Also, Startup Genome highly evaluated the growth potential of the Seoul startup ecosystem by Seoul’s active startup policy such as creating a startup base (cluster) throughout Seoul.

  This year’s Try Everything held under the slogan of “Jump Up! Scale Up!” has been expanded compared to last year. Global startup experts from more than 15 countries, global conglomerates, VCs, ACC, and startup specialized organizations are operating a total of 91 scale-ups and startup programs for companies interested in entering the global market.

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